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My Guardian
Doctor Who

Authors Note: Alright so I wrote this for a English Assessment and we had to write a story that ended in 'Sorry, I didn't think it mattered' and then this happened, please take into account that this is not a Supernatural AU OR Biblically accurate, I just wrote it.

Words: 1269
Rating: G
Warning; Character Death

It shall not take long Gabriel, Raphel has not got nearly as many warriors as we do, this war shall not last long, then you will be able to resume your duties to your charge.”

Gabriel looked at his eldest brother, the archangel Michael, with distress. He did not want to leave his young charge, Freddie, for any amount of time. Even if Raphel did not have as large an army he would, none the less, try with everything that he did have to win this war and a civil war within heaven could last for over a human millennia. Gabriel did not have that kind of time. Freddie was only a human.

Authors Note: So I don't really think this is in Supernatural'Verse because Gabriel left heaven earlier on and Raphel and Michael never actually got round to going to war but if you want to imagine them like that then do, but remember i'm not writing an AU! Thank you for reading

all of God's tasks being a guardian angel was Gabriel's favourite, it was also the task that he took most seriously; he couldn't just up and leave Freddie. After all humans have an extremely short life span compared to that of an angel, just the blink of an eye really, but Gabriel wanted to be there for those times, he wanted to make them count.

No, I shall not Michael. As you have just claimed you have far more in the way of warriors, you will not need me to assist also.” Gabriel stated firmly, hoping his brother would understand. Predictably he did not.

Gabriel, I am not asking this of you,” Michael rumbled, his eyes alight with barely controlled rage. “You shall fight this war by my side brother. I have already lost Lucifer to disloyalty, I shall not lose you too, or do you want Raphel to win this war? For him to rule Heaven?”

No, Gabriel did not want the other archangel to rule; Michael must have been able to read this from his face because he carried on - not allowing Gabriel to get a word in.

You are an archangel Gabriel, the only other one left to me now. Lucifer has fallen and now Raphel has decided to wage war against me,” the rage had now simmered to sorrow, one that Gabriel had rarely seen of the eldest of archangels. “I know you have your charge to consider Gabriel but I am your brother – you cannot abandon me as Lucifer and Raphel have, I cannot lose all of my family so quickly.”

Some where, in the back of his mind, Gabriel knew that he was never truly going to have a choice in the matter of his part in the war. He would have always had to leave Freddie.

Can you at least allow me to bid him farewell.” Gabriel pleaded.

Michael only nodded in reply

Be quick though, we haven't much time brother.”


There was a flutter of powerful wings as Gabriel appeared in his charges bedroom

The only reason Gabriel even showed his wings during his landing was because he knew how much Freddie was fascinated by the graceful, light brown appendages.

Gabriel smiled over at his charge, a look of pure adoration in his eyes, Freddie moved up from his bed and moved forward so that the young boy
was standing in front of his angel.

Gabriel! What are you doing here? Is something wrong?” Freddy's enthusiasm quickly melted away to a more anxious expression.

Freddie had found out about Gabriel being his guardian angel around two years ago, after thinking the archangel was his imaginary friend for many years.

I promised never to lie to you Freddie, I am afraid I have important matters I need to talk to you about.” The archangel could not keep the look of trepidation from flittering across his face.

What is it?” Freddy's voice was cautious with worry and he moved closer to his guardian.

I have been called to war. Raphel has his army at the ready and I will be leaving shortly.” Gabriel could barely look at his saw his charges eye's begin to glass over with tears.

How long will you be gone? Are you coming back?” Tears spilled down Freddy's cheeks as he whispered the question that he wasn't sure he wanted the answers too.

I shall return to you as quickly as I can but alas of the date I am uncertain.” Gabriel tried not to think about what would happen if he was killed in battle.

Does that promise to not lie to me still stand?” The small boy chocked out, his young face crumbling in distraught.

Gabriel knew there was nothing he could say, Freddie was almost frantic, so he moved forward and wrapped his charge in his arms, running his fingers through the brown locks and allowing his wings to take form.

It shall always stand Freddie, this war is important to my family – If I didn't have to do this I would not.”

Freddie continued to let out great heaving sobs as he clung to the most stable friendship of his young life, finally the boys breathing began to even out and he leaned heavily against his guardian. Gabriel would take care of him.

Noting that his charge had fallen asleep the archangel picked up the boy and carried him over to his bed, tucking him and sitting by his side. Gabriel continued to run his fingers comfortingly through the small boys hair, he wanted to enjoy this peace before the horror of war began.

Silently he reached behind himself and plucked one of his large primary feathers from his wings, placing it beside the sleeping boys bed.

I shall return soon.” Gabriel promised softly.

Lightly, in the back of his mind, he could could sense Michael reaching out to him summoning him for war. It was time.


Michael was concerned.

After winning the The Great Civil War of Heaven almost a century ago, in just under three years, and Gabriel had been elated – that was definitely enough time for him to spend with the human child, but Gabriel had spent the last century in exactingly the same place, it was almost like the younger archangel was waiting for something.

Michael appeared silently next to the other angel, wings barely making a noise. He looked around where he had landed and took in the old cemetery that he was now standing in; A feeling of deep dread shot through the creatures body, surly this was what he expected? Humans hardly lived over a hundred anyway, cautiously he read the headstone that he had flown to.

Fredrick Jack Hamilton
May the Angel's watch over you in heaven, our beautiful son.

He was hit by a car in our second year of war against Raphel.” Gabriel answered the question that Michael never would have been able to ask. Gabriel did not look at him. “Father has a sick sense of humour, don't you think?” His youngest continued, a tear slipping down his cheek. Such a human gesture.

Over a century Gabriel had stood here, guilt must have been eating at him for so long, unable to even face his lost charges' soul in Heaven; Michael felt almost numb – he hadn't felt like this since Lucifer's fall.

Michael stared straight ahead, unable to even look at his brother because of the uneasy feeling of guilt that was weighing so heavily down on him. This was his fault.

If he hadn't been so adamant that his brother fight with him Gabriel would have been able to be there for the boy. The usually stone faced angel uttered out a melancholy,

I'm sorry, I didn't think it mattered."

Doctor Who
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